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Is Surgery A Mechanism
For Healthy Weight Loss?

Weight loss surgery has gained its popularity over the past few years. It is recommended for people with BMI over 40.

There are two different types of surgeries that are performed for weight loss. One is gastric bypass and another is lap band.

Both procedures are approved by the FDA so it is safe to assume that it is a healthy weight loss mechanism. Both procedures are performed only when the dietary efforts don’t work.

The gastric bypass procedure is done by dividing the stomach into two separate pouches, the top pouch being much smaller than the bottom pouch. The small intestines are rearranged so that the two pouches are connected. Each doctor performs gastric bypass in a different manner.

This is performed so when the first pouch is full, the brain get the signal that the person has had enough food. The food will move slowly from the top pouch to the bottom one. This will ensure that the person eats small portions of food all throughout the day. Gastric bypass helps obese people lose weight easily.

Weight Loss Surgery

gastric bypass weight is lost

Lap band surgery is also similar to the gastric bypass. This procedure involves placing of a lap band which is an inflating silicone device around the top portion of the stomach. The top portion is much smaller when compared to the bottom portion.

The top part can accommodate only half cup of food whereas the bottom past can accommodate 6 cups of food. It ensures that the person eats less food and loses weight.

As the person loses weight, the lap band is also released slowly to increase the size of pouch so that the person is comfortable. Once the desired weight is lost, the lap band is removed.

People who undergo weight loss surgery, undergoes a lot of physical as well as emotional trauma. The change of food habits and other things affects the person greatly.

It will take at least three months to overcome it. Similarly, once the treatment is over, the patient should follow strict diet mentioned by the doctor and also eat proper food along with exercise to maintain the weight and be healthy.